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Unsuspecting Seal Puppy Gets Sharked!

A seal pup swims a bit too far from shore, but he realizes his mistake too late. Swoosh! A great white shark breaches the water and attacks the seal.

Boaters got a rare opportunity to see a natural predation of a great white shark offshore of an island in South Africa. They had been watching a small seal pup that swam too far from the island when BAM!, a shark exploded out of the water and attacked the seal.

The incident took place off of Seal Island in Mossel Bay, South Africa, as photographer and dive tour operator Rainer Schimpf was taking a boatload of skin divers to check out the seals and dive with the curious pups. The pups made for some fun diving, being very curious and playful underwater.

But one pup swam too far from the safety of the island and found itself isolated from its fellows. That's when nature showed just how ruthless and unforgiving it can be.

"We were all amazed to see a natural predation. Because a natural predation is not provoked. It is not baited. It is absolutely the true behavior of a white shark," Shimpf said. "I would actually say that it is more rare to see a natural predation of a white shark onto a seal, than seeing a lion or any of the big five predators hunt and kill an animal out in the bush."

While it is unfortunate for the seal, the shark did what sharks do. And that is a natural and good thing for the shark.

"It is a privilege to see such actions in the wild," Shimpf affirmed.

Stay alert when you are out there. You never know what unusual or rare things you may see.

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Unsuspecting Seal Puppy Gets Sharked!