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The Unstoppable M240 Bravo General Purpose Machine Gun

THE FN M240 Bravo General Purpose machine gun is the support weapon of choice for war fighters.

Take an insider's look at the 7.62mm M240 Bravo General Purpose machine gun and learn why it is the favorite belt fed gun of elite units.

The M240 Bravo General Purpose machine gun has been used by over 80 countries and is a mainstay of paratroopers, infantry and special operations units. Designed and manufactured for decades by FN Herstal, it is still one of the best machine guns in the world. If you are in a firefight you want a pair of these raining down accurate fire on the enemy as you close and destroy them.

Ask any infantry, paratrooper, or Special Operations soldier who work the tip of the spear, what machine gun they want in a protracted firefight, and they will likely call for the M240 Bravo.

There is a reason why; this gun is simple in design, is very accurate in controlled 5 to 10 rounds bursts and is a gun that you want dominating the high ground and suppressing the bad guys. When you look at a weapon's platoon load it is likely each trooper will be carrying at least one belt to feed the MAG-58 gun teams as they know it will be a deciding factor in battle.

For any soldier who has served in a weapon's platoon there can be no better machine gun to have when contact with an enemy is achieved. With effective ranges up to 1968 yards with a tripod and up to 1000 in the light role it is one of the best support weapons ever designed, period.


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The Unstoppable M240 Bravo General Purpose Machine Gun