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Unprovoked Wild Boar Attack in California Leaves Woman Injured [VIDEO]

A California woman was walking her dogs when she was attacked by a wild boar.

The Solano County woman was gored by a wild boar last week while out walking her dogs through a neighborhood.

The boar attacked the woman with its tusks, injuring her upper arm and leg. After the initial attack she reportedly tried to stand up, but the wild boar attack continued.

She then grabbed her dogs, hugging them to her sides, and waited until the boar lost interest and ran away.

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The woman reported the attack to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife the following day, and the incident is still under investigation. Lt. Patrick Foy told reporters this could be the first unprovoked wild boar attack in California's history. The woman is still being treated for her injuries.

Earlier this week the victim's neighbor, 73-year-old boar hunter Tim Wellman, and a couple others went out and hunted the boar. Wellman told reporters of the hunt, "Reached over the pig, and I got rid of Grover out of the way, and I just shot straight down through the neck with a pistol."

Wellman and his team feel they have helped to eliminate the threat of a future wild boar attack.

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Unprovoked Wild Boar Attack in California Leaves Woman Injured [VIDEO]