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'Unplugged Conversation': A Big Brown Trout on a Gorgeous Stream [VIDEO]

Big brown trout

'Unplugged Conversation' is a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making a video about catching big brown trout.

If you are looking for an authority on fly fishing for brown trout, look no further than Dave and Amelia Jensen. They spend most of their time fishing and specifically stalking large brown trout, usually with a video camera in tow. That means they are getting some of the very best footage of fly fishing for big brown trout and then using the raw footage to create some incredible fly fishing videos.

The thing about a good fishing film is that it is always polished and shows the very best moments from a day, week, or even year on the water. In this short film, the Jensens allow us to have a quick sneak peak into the creative process. The video here is unedited so you can hear them discussing strategy when they find a monster brown rising all over a perfect meadow stream pool.

Get inside the mind of an expert by watching this short film.


This fish was ranging all across the pool without any obvious pattern which made catching it more difficult than usual. You can hear the Jensens discuss where to cast and Dave suggests getting the fly in the bubble line. After a great cast by Amelia, the big brown trout eats and the fight is on.

Talk about a rush!

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'Unplugged Conversation': A Big Brown Trout on a Gorgeous Stream [VIDEO]