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Unofficial Record 106-Pound Asian Carp Caught On Kentucky Lake [PICS]

A 106-pound Asian carp was landed in Kentucky, and could enlist itself in the record books.

Bill Schroeder, 84, of Paducah, Kentucky was enjoying an afternoon on the lake bass fishing when he hooked a fish he wasn’t exactly looking to catch. However, a nearly two-hour battle ensued as the fish pulled Schroeder’s boat an estimated three miles from Kentucky Lake through the adjoining canal and into Barkley Lake.

It was there that another angler hopped aboard to help the worn down fisherman bring his prize to the boat. The record-setting fish maxed out the scales at the local marina, reaching 106 pounds. The real weight wasn’t captured, and the record may be deemed unofficial.

Schroeder was able to hang on and battle the fish with 17 pound test line.


Neil Jackson, who works for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFWR) picked up the fish one day later when it was taken to the lab.

The fish was confirmed as a Bighead Carp upon examination of its gill plates, to confirm its diet, as there was some confusion as to whether the fish was a Silver Carp or a possible hybrid between the two.


The fish could’ve potentially been a record Bighead Carp for the United States, however it will remain unknown as Schroeder “didn’t want to fool with it.” The fisherman also was also noted as saying, “I bass fish all the time, I wish it would’ve been a record bass.”


Photos courtesy of George Kupelian

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Unofficial Record 106-Pound Asian Carp Caught On Kentucky Lake [PICS]