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This New iPhone App Will Revolutionize Bow Sighting [VIDEO]

The UNO iPhone app takes the time and tedium out of sighting your bow.

Unless you’re an elite archer, adjusting your bow’s sights can take hours of tedious work and countless shots at varied distances.

The new UNO iPhone app from Full Flight Technology makes it possible to adjust your sights in just a few minutes with only one shot.

How? Once the user enters some data about their performance bow settings into the app, and the program creates personalized, scaled sight marks.


“…An archer can shoot their bow at one distance to fix a first sight mark or pin position and then enter the data into the app,” said the Full Flight Technology CEO, Bob Donahoe. “The UNO app gives the archer pin gaps for the rest of their pins. With the pin gaps being set automatically, the job of sighting in a bow will take less time. It also removes human error from the process.”

Donahue also invented the Velocitip System -an electronic arrowhead that comes with hardware and software to measure and analyze ballistic data. The Velocitip can work in conjunction with the UNO app, but the app also functions as a stand-alone program.

Full Flight Technology is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to bring the UNO iPhone app to market. So far, the campaign has raised $9,494.

Click here to view the UNO iPhone app Kickstarter page. 

If you’re an archer, this app could be incredibly useful. We’re definitely interested.

You can learn more about the UNO iPhone app in the video below.

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Does the UNO iPhone app interest you? Would you use it to adjust your bow sights? 

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This New iPhone App Will Revolutionize Bow Sighting [VIDEO]