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'Unnatural' Topwater Redfishing You'll Want to See [VIDEO]

'Unnatural' topwater redfishing

The 'Unnatural' topwater redfishing that goes on in this short video is something to get excited about.

Some of the guys from Flats HQ recently headed town to the Tarpon Lodge to try out some of their topwater lures on some of the redfish in the flats nearby.

The results are just amazing. What you end up with is what Flats HQ founder Shelby Ramsey calls "Unnatural" topwater redfishing.

The fishing, and the film are called "Unnatural" simply because the redfish is not built to eat from the top of the water. The reason we can spot redfish by looking for tailfins is because the fish are build to have their face down on the bottom of the flats looking for food.

To turn their entire body from face-down to hitting a topwater lure as hard as they can is simply amazing. And, it makes for some amazing fishing. If you've never experienced this kind of fishing, it's definitely an outing to add to your bucket list.

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'Unnatural' Topwater Redfishing You'll Want to See [VIDEO]