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Unlucky Deer Gets Taken Down By a Tree [PICS]

Reddit - Nizidramaniiyt

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to see it, does it still make a sound? Maybe, but if so, this poor deer didn't hear it coming.

Deer have long collided with people and their vehicles, but recently, a deer was struck down after getting into the path of a falling tree.

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Call it random happenstance or further evidence that deer are oblivious to signs of danger, but if it's not staged or a late April Fool's prank, the scene of the animals carcass under the trunk of a fallen tree leaves little to question about what happened.

Nevertheless, the picture inspired a good deal of speculation about the deer's intentions when it was posted on the popular online forum Reddit by user Nizidramaniiyt. Some commentators, apparently hearkening back to their own run-ins with deer, joked that the animal must have seen the tree falling and jumped beneath it in clear disregard for its own safety. Or maybe it was a carefully-plotted murder-suicide by a tree bent on vengeance.



Other commentators mentioned that jokes aside, trees falling on unlucky animals, and people for that matter, are often unavoidable. Simply put, sometimes we're just in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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Even more sadly, the circumstances that led to the deer's demise mean it's probably not edible, so the photographer, even it he was a fan of venison, likely left the carcass to wild scavengers. Then again, humans had nothing to do with this kill, so it's only fair that nature gets to reap the spoils.

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Unlucky Deer Gets Taken Down By a Tree [PICS]