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An Unlikely Friendship: Baby Impala Befriends Leopard [VIDEO]

A baby impala strikes up an unlikely friendship with a leopard in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Normal impalas would run for cover when a leopard was nearby, but this is not your normal impala.

The unlikely friendship sees the brave youngster nuzzling the big cat’s nose and mouth, and despite the big cat getting a little rough at times, the impala doesn’t run off. Showing no signs of fear or distress it continues to sniff the leopards face.

It’s believed, though, that because of a lack of killing experience young leopards often play with their prey first, which is likely to explain the behavior seen in the video.

As leopards are not vegetarians, it is likely that the end result for the impala would not have ended well.

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An Unlikely Friendship: Baby Impala Befriends Leopard [VIDEO]