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Unlikely Cougar Spotted Near Mississippi-Louisiana Border

Louisiana Cougar

Trail camera photos capture an unlikely cougar in Louisiana near Mississippi River.

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries have confirmed recent rumors floating around the Louisiana-Mississippi border.

The group recently confirmed authenticity of trail camera photos showing an adult cougar 40-50 miles from the Mississippi River. State officials suggest the large cougar is likely a male in search of a new territory.

Maria Davidson, LDWF's Large Carnivore Program manager suggests that the cat likely won't remain in the area for long. Davidson recently discussed the big cat with the Clarion-Ledger:

"I would be shocked if it showed up again in the vicinity of that original area. I would not be surprised to get more trail camera photos, but not in that vicinity."

Mountain lions, or cougars, can cover great distances. For that reason, this cat could be almost anywhere by now. As a matter of fact, according to Davidson, "He could be in Mississippi. He could be in Arkansas. He could be in Texas. There is no way of knowing."

This marks the third reported case of cougars near Mississippi in recent months. However, this is the first case with trail camera confirmation in over 100 years. Davidson suggests that the big cats, commonly found in western states, are continuing to migrate eastward.

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Unlikely Cougar Spotted Near Mississippi-Louisiana Border