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Unlikely Animal Friendships to Warm Your Heart [VIDEO]

You won’t believe these unlikely animal friendships!

This video just goes to show that stereotypes are not always true and animals don’t always fit into categories placed on them by humans.

Check out the video to see what we mean.

Hunters and fishermen know that wild critters rarely do what is expected, but these unlikely animal friendships are over the top.

Dogs and deer, cats and owls, a lion and a white tiger, who woulda thought? These animals have obviously spent some time together and learned each other’s quirks. Maybe some humans could learn a lesson from these unlikely animal friendships and try to get along with folks with different opinions and outlooks on life.

Living in close proximity to the animals we hunt is a good thing most of the time. But, I’m just not sure if I could shoot my dog’s best friend if was a deer…

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Unlikely Animal Friendships to Warm Your Heart [VIDEO]