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The Unique History of the Colt Revolver

Learn the real and unlikely history of the Colt revolver, arguably the most iconic of all American firearms.

"God may have created all men, but Sam Colt made them equal."

You may or may not have heard this quote at some point in your life. It reflects the impact the Colt revolver had on America in the past and in modern times.

You may think the history of the Colt revolver is rooted in a clean and quick rise to the top. Like most tales of success, the truth of this historic gun's history is much more entertaining and tells the story of a struggling firearm entrepreneur who caught a break to assist him in his rise to success.

Watch this video for a real look at the history of the Colt revolver.

It is interesting to realize the usefulness of having a repeating revolver wasn't fully recognized by people of the time, especially at a time when people depended on firearms much more than we do today. It is hard to imagine what the history of the west may have been like without Samuel Colt's invention.

Another thought-provoking aspect of the history of the Colt revolver is the fact the simple design has been slightly improved and modified, but by and large, the basic principle of the revolver is still a very popular design today. Maybe it is due to the fact the simple design is intriguing, or possibly because if it's not broken, don't fix it. Revolvers are extremely reliable and that aspect still is appealing to many people.

In a country where guns are so popular, and due to the magnitude of the impact of this gun on the history of the American west, the history of the Colt revolver is a story well worth learning.


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The Unique History of the Colt Revolver