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What’s Your Most Unforgettable Shot?

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Have you ever witnessed a shot you have to try not to remember? Here’s the story of the most unforgettable shot I’ve ever seen.

If you have been hunting for any considerable amount of time, then you’ve probably heard your fair share of stories about infamous shots, or made some yourself.

Well, this particular story is special to me because I was an eyewitness. I saw this amazing shot with my own two eyes and know it to be true.

About ten years ago, when I was in my early twenties, I was walking along the Pecan Bayou in Mills County, TX on the edge of our property. We had a couple hundred acres there with a nice little cabin tucked away in the hills.

It was mid-morning and walking with me was my father, older brother, and two of our friends. It was the first time our friends had come to visit so we were giving them a walk-around tour and enjoying the day.

As we came to the edge of our property where the bayou met our fence line, we had to turn up into an open field to head back. The field was a couple hundred yards long with high grass and a few mesquite trees scattered throughout. We had all stopped and were looking around and engaging in light conversation when all of the sudden about 15 yards away, a fox hopped up and took off.

He was putting ground between us at an extremely fast pace and because the grass was so high, we could only see him every time he leaped.

“Get him Blake!” my dad yelled.

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I had been walking around with a .22 mag on my shoulder in case such an incident should arise. My older brother, on the other hand, had a .243 on his shoulder (for any larger encounters), but before I could even get my scope up… BOOM!

The fox somersaulted in mid-air and hit the ground one last time. My brother found the fox in his scope, which was running at full speed, and made a mid-air shot before I even had my gun up.

Not only that, the fox was a good 70 yards away when he pulled the trigger. We all stood motionless for a moment in total amazement. Then we all started in with… “Holy cow!” and “How on earth did you make that shot?”

The timing had to be perfect, and it was.

To this day, that memory is as vivid as ever. We all joke that he couldn’t do it twice if he had to, but that really doesn’t matter, does it? You don’t need a second chance when you take care of business the first time.

Ten years later we still talk about it… around the campfire, at family dinners, or anytime the storytelling begins. It was truly unforgettable.

Share your experiences with us at Wide Open Spaces! What stories do you have that are unforgettable?

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What’s Your Most Unforgettable Shot?