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An Unexpected Pompano Caught on the Florida Flats [VIDEO]

These fisherman catch an unexpected pompano on the Florida flats, and it’s a big one.

The guys from Addictive Fishing are out chasing snook and trout in Ft. Pierce, Florida when they hook up with a surprise pompano.

Watch the video to see how hard these fish fight.

Pompano are similar in shape and behavior to their permit cousins. However, most pompano only grow to around 18 inches long, while permit regularly stretch the tape to 36 inches. The 22-inch pompano in the video is a rarity for sure.

This catch just goes to show that you never know what will happen when you set out for a day of fishing. Whether you come home with a stringer full of fish, a camera loaded with grip and grins, or just a sunburn, you can’t beat a day on the water in a beautiful location like this one.

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An Unexpected Pompano Caught on the Florida Flats [VIDEO]