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‘Undivided’ Teaser Promises Quality Hunting Show [VIDEO]


‘Undivided’ looks to fill the role of quality wholesome hunting television.

If you are looking for a quality family show that actually does some hunting, “Undivided” appears ready to fill the role.

The “Undivided” teaser released last week on Vimeo shows scenes from some “Undivided” episodes, as well as commentary from the creators of the show.

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This teaser of “Undivided” really shows what hunting is all about. Spending time with good friends and family, forming bonds that cannot be broken by time or distance, and coming together with strangers and parting ways as friends are all part of what make hunters who they are.

This is just one of three videos currently on the Slate and Glass Vimeo channel. Check out the others and add them to your watch list to see new videos as they are released.

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‘Undivided’ Teaser Promises Quality Hunting Show [VIDEO]