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Underwater Fly Action Spotlighted in New Redington “Elements” Video

There’s nothing like the beauty captured in Redington’s newest video from the “Elements” series.

In the latest installment of Redington’s short film series “Elements,” we get a killer viewpoint of what’s happening under the surface. A wonderful, visually-appetizing sequence of hooked fighters, released monsters, and one special surprise at the end makes this one of the better fishing videos we’ve seen in a long time.

Turn up the volume and enjoy this minute and a half of fly fishing bliss.

The video’s description on Vimeo gives a far better description than we could ever come up with:

“Below is about the fight beneath the surface, the worlds our favorite fish inhabit, and the beauty of watching them swim away until the next time.”

Sometimes focusing on one shot style makes you really notice the individual nuances and differences that every cast, land, and release can have.

For more from Redington, check out their gear and video collection. Their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are all worth a follow, too.


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Underwater Fly Action Spotlighted in New Redington “Elements” Video