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New Underwater Drone Could Change the Way We Fish [VIDEO]


This new consumer underwater drone could revolutionize fishing as we know it.

Drones are becoming commonplace these days,  so naturally, we're starting to see the first underwater drones.

Check out the OpenROV underwater drone, the possibilities could be endless for improving fishing!

I know underwater cameras have been on the market for years now - I've used them. However, you could only use them to see what's directly below you from the boat or ice.

If you were trying to look at a particular fish or object on the bottom, it's not always easy to get one of those positions.

I don't know about you, but I'm very intrigued with the possibilities of this drone. You could not only see that structure on your fish-finder clearly, but you could actually explore it in great detail.

There's more opportunity to learn not just where the fish are hanging out, but why and when they are doing it. The more you know about the bottom of the lake, the more fish you will catch!

Also, I've always just been curious to see what might be at the bottom of my favorite lakes.

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New Underwater Drone Could Change the Way We Fish [VIDEO]