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Underwater Drone Can Explore the Ocean’s Frontier

Fishing footage may never be the same once it is being shot underwater and by a remote control drone

Breathtaking aerial footage of Alaska’s Sockeye Run and a  Sea Lion shredding through a salmon have gathered the attention of Wide Open Spaces readers, along with a plethora of aerial footage shot from cameras mounted on remote controlled drones.

Anglers have also been using underwater cameras to better understand fish behavior, like this fish eye view footage of a bass striking a jig underwater.

It’s only a natural progression that the two filming techniques would mesh together to create a demand for an underwater drone camera that can aid in discovering what lies beneath the water’s surface.

“Fathom One” is an underwater drone designed to explore ocean depths by remote using a tablet or smart phone above the water’s surface and is controlled by a tether that runs to a WiFi connected buoy. The connection will allow the shots to displayed and shared in real time. The camera shoots in hi-resolution and is lighted by LEDs for exploring after dark.


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Underwater Drone Can Explore the Ocean’s Frontier