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An Underwater Brinicle is One of Nature’s Incredible Wonders

Facebook/Oxford University Scientific Society

Check out the very first footage ever caught on camera of a brinicle forming underwater in the frigid ocean.

Nature is full of amazing wonders all around the world. There is still so much left to learn about the planet that we call home. Scientists are always working to make new discoveries and document them on camera – take this video footage of a brinicle forming under the ocean in Antarctica.

What is a brinicle? A brinicle is a column of super cold brine sinking in saltwater which causes the water around it to freeze. This phenomenon causes instant freezing to anything that it touches, as evidenced by the video when the brinicle meets the seafloor. The sea urchins and starfish has no idea what was about to happen to them.

Due to the diligence and dedication of a BBC film crew, this natural wonder was caught on time lapse footage for the first time ever. The film crew dealt with many obstacles including the very cold water and local seals both breaking off the brinicles as they formed and knocking over film equipment.

Eventually they succeeded and brought back an incredible video of just one of nature’s incredible wonders.



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An Underwater Brinicle is One of Nature’s Incredible Wonders