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Underwater Base Jumping at Dean's Blue Hole [VIDEO]

A diver base jumps at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas and illustrates the sensation of flying to the bottom of the Earth. 

The weightlessness of water is intoxicating. Imagine what it would be like to free fall in world's deepest blue hole.

Guillaume Nery learned for himself what it was like.


Dean's Blue Hole has an entrance below sea level and is the world's deepest saltwater blue hole, with a depth measuring over 600 feet.

Creative editing techniques helped make this video possible, but you still have to admire the bravery of the diver as he plunged into Dean's Blue Hole. It's thrilling to watch him plummet into the dark waters like a base jumper flying through blue skies. Of course, you could go to Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahama's and experience it yourself!

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Underwater Base Jumping at Dean's Blue Hole [VIDEO]