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Underwater Archery: Sharpshooting Beneath the Surface

Creative archery and camera work shows underwater archery at its finest.

The dog days of summer can be brutal to any outdoorsman; without much to do before the much anticipated fall arrives, hunters have to get creative. Dan of Eastmans’ Hunting Journal got plenty of creative with his underwater archery video.

Take a look at this unique perspective on archery.

Here’s the video:

A big question many have regarding this video is whether shooting a bow underwater will decrease the longevity of a compound bow for the long term. Some would argue that our bows bare the elements during rainy or snowy hunts. However, being fully submerged may raise different issues for a bow.

It appeared this fella’s Bowtech held up to underwater archery. Underwater perspectives have gained recent traction across the Internet and it’s an exciting time view them. Outdoor filmmakers are pushing the envelope to create new exciting content.

Would you try underwater archery?

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Underwater Archery: Sharpshooting Beneath the Surface