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Understanding Minutes of Angle (MOA) [VIDEO]

Shooting at long ranges requires us to understand how to zero a scope at those ranges.

Shooting at long range is certainly an entirely different area of expertise then shooting pistols. Understanding all the technical aspects can be overwhelming. Understanding how to read what your scope is telling you can be a challenging part of that. Mildot, MOA, BDC. There so many acronyms it makes a bowl of alphabet soup seem tame.

Knowing that not everyone will understand all that up front, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has produced a video for us that will explain how to read Minutes of Angle (MOA) and help to make the proper adjustments to our scopes.

Here is Ryan Cleckner with the NSSF to help us understand. This video is long, but it contains some very good and helpful information for beginners.

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Understanding Minutes of Angle (MOA) [VIDEO]