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Under-Ice Ice Fishing in Finland Turns the World Upside Down [VIDEO]

This is absolutely mind-blowing: ice fishing in Finland turned upside down.

It took a while to register what was going on in this video, but keep watching because it is incredible.

In this YouTube video posted by juusdo, the three scuba divers are actually standing upside down under a sheet of ice with buckets, a wheelbarrow and fishing tackle pretending to ice fish.

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Hopefully this video will cool you down on a hot summer day.

How are they able to stay up on the ice like that? The men have mastered the art of keeping their dry suits inflated with air so that they float upside down against the ice.

The world looks much different upside down, doesn’t it?

They even go so far as to drill a hole in the ice, just like when you are ice fishing for real.

Traditionally, ice fishing in Finland is standard in the winter. Anglers use ice fishing as a sort of meditation, a time to be in nature and enjoy the sounds and experience of being outside. It is a time for peace and quiet, not unlike fishing on water. Because winter freezes over much of the water in Finland, ice fishing is considered a public activity and you don’t even need a license to drill a hole and enjoy the fun of fishing through a sheet of ice.

What were your initial thoughts about this video?

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Under-Ice Ice Fishing in Finland Turns the World Upside Down [VIDEO]