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Unbelievably Accurate 890-Yard Moose Hunting Kill Shot [VIDEO]

moose hunting kill shot

This amazingly clean moose hunting kill shot will make your jaw drop.

This hunter was in Alaska when he made an insanely accurate moose hunting kill shot.

Check out this brief clip showing the final moments of this Alaskan moose hunt that couldn’t have ended more cleanly.

As you just saw, patience and precision can really pay off. This hunter did his homework and it shows, big time.

It’s likely you won’t have to make a kill shot from as far as this guy did, but if you ever do, just remember it can be done.

If you find yourself looking for a moose hunting kill shot similar to this hunter’s, keep in mind that you can posses all the skills and equipment necessary, but only your execution can get the job done.

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Unbelievably Accurate 890-Yard Moose Hunting Kill Shot [VIDEO]