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Hungry Bass Stalks Shoreline Waiting for Tiny Duckling Brood

Check out this rare footage highlighting just how predatory and intelligent a bass can be.

If you're a fisherman, you've probably witness the power and aggressiveness of a bass at some point. After all, it isn't one of the most popular game fish in America for any other reason. But have you ever seen that behavior unfold on actual prey?

The video below shows what appears to be a largemouth bass stalking the shoreline, patiently, for one of the ducklings that happens to wander too far from the shallow edge.

As the bass calmly waits in the awkwardly shallow water, the brood of ducklings unsuspectingly, but cautiously, ease themselves from dry land.

Patience pays off for the bass as two yellow ducklings, perhaps feeling bolder as a pair, venture out deeper than the rest of the brood.

It's hard to tell what happens through the confusion of the explosively quick strike but it appears as if four yellow ducklings suddenly become three.

Perhaps the most amazing part is that the bass' precision indicates that this probably isn't it's first time stalking ducks.


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Hungry Bass Stalks Shoreline Waiting for Tiny Duckling Brood