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Check Out This Unbelievable Shark Selfie with a Great White [VIDEO]

This Dutch photographer puts his life on the line by taking a selfie with a Great White shark off the coast of Mexico.

Taking selfies seems to be something that is increasingly popular these days. Peter Verhoog has definitely met the challenge of upping the ante, taking this unbelievable selfie with this massive shark off the coast of Mexico.

Because it's the natural thing to do these days, Verhoog leaned out of the protective cage to snap the photo just as the shark was approaching.

Verhoog has always had a major interest in sharks and the fearsomeness that they withhold. He is also the director of the Dutch Shark Society.

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One of Verhoog's goals is to provide enthusiasts with information showing that these large creatures are not as dangerous as they are perceived.

Shark photography is great, and in the last two years I have made a selfie with several shark species. Some are considered 'dangerous', but a diver/photographer who behaves in a normal, relaxed way and does not harass sharks, has nothing to fear.

Even though many believe Great White sharks to be dangerous, Verhoog believes different and isn't afraid to be in the same waters. His continued role of taking selfies with the massive creatures proves that they aren't seeking humans as prey.

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Check Out This Unbelievable Shark Selfie with a Great White [VIDEO]