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Unbelievable Record Sturgeon Measures Nearly 10' Long

record sturgeon
Idaho Statesman

You have to see this sturgeon to believe it.

They may be the largest freshwater species in North America, but this record sturgeon is still hard to believe. Kirk Fairchild, Seamus Fairchild, Lawaine Fairchild, and Homer Brown, family friends from Idaho netted a story they won't soon forget.

The group was fishing on the Snake River in Hells Canyon on August 16 when they landed the record fish. As reported by the Idaho Statesman, the beast measured 117 inches long, or 9.7 feet. Wading next to the fish for a picture, the grown men look like small children.

Unbelievably, the group decided to catch and release the fish. Makes you think twice about swimming in your local watering hole, doesn't it?

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Unbelievable Record Sturgeon Measures Nearly 10' Long