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Ultimate Turkey Headshot: Watch This Video Going Viral

There’s nothing better than watching your perfect aim result in the ultimate turkey headshot. 

Feeling a little unsure about your aim recently? To get your confidence soaring even higher, visit theCabela’s Turkey Roost for more tips and tricks on how to nail the perfect shot.

If you’re looking for an immediate pick-me-up, this video of the ultimate turkey headshot is enough to get you on the right track, mentally at least.

The best parts of this video are the build-up to the shot and the dual frame action.

It takes dedication, practice, and effort to land the ultimate turkey headshot like this bowhunter did. This gobbler’s approach was beautiful in the way only turkeys can be: stoic and curious. Patience is the name of the game when you’re out in the ground blind.

The concentration on this bowhunter’s face as he pulls back the arrow and releases is unmistakable. That is the look of hard work and a very focused effort, and it pays off big!

We know that headshots on a turkey really means that you will end up with the freshest and cleanest meat, but they’re not always the easiest shots to place. Setting up an archery target in your backyard or heading to the range with your shotgun at least once a week during the season will ensure that you are in practice enough to land a headshot of your own.



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Ultimate Turkey Headshot: Watch This Video Going Viral