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Want the Ultimate Survival Vehicle? Get Yourself a KiraVan

Your jaw will drop when you see the pictures of this survival vehicle.


When designer Bran Ferren of Applied Minds, LLC wanted to create a legacy invention for his young daughter, Kira, the idea behind the KiraVan was sparked. This vehicle is quite simply the most incredible modern command center and survival machine, and you can read its full profile on Wired.

With everything from drones that can scout road conditions to mast-mounted night-vision cameras, a restaurant-grade kitchen, and attached motorcycle, it’s everything a father would want for his kid with an uncertain future and limited time left on this planet.

Check out the images from the website, and imagine what it would be like to take this thing for a spin, let alone survive an apocalypse in it.
Images via

The KiraVan

The profile shot of the ultimate survival vehicle.

The KiraVan was built incorporating custom features on a UniMog.

The interior of the KiraVan.

The many features of the KiraVan.

Living quarters in the KiraVan look pretty comfortable.

Make the most of what you’ve got with the ultimate survival vehicle.

The cockpit is overwhelming.

The many intricate features of the KiraVan.

More interior images of the KiraVan.

The KiraVan is fully capable of any sophisticated home with security systems and more.

There’s no other vehicle on Earth like the KiraVan.

Think about it; you could take this to the lake or beach the next time you plan a vacation.

The KiraVan.

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Want the Ultimate Survival Vehicle? Get Yourself a KiraVan