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The Ultimate Sea Lions vs. Thresher Sharks Video

Sea lions aren’t afraid to put sharks on the menu when looking for a quick meal.

Sea lions are voracious eaters and are not picky about their food. As long as it is some form of fish or meat, sea lions are more than happy to chow down on it.

That even includes thresher sharks as shown in the video below. With their large teeth and swift swimming abilities, sea lions are tough enough to make a meal out of another ocean predator.

The aquatic mammals can eat up to 6% of their body weight in one day. That is a lot of fish when you consider that sea lions can weigh upwards of 600 pounds with some species even tipping the scales at over a ton!

It might look like the sea lions are playing with the thresher sharks before eating them. However, that is a common behavior of sea lions with whatever they are eating.

The relatives of seals do not chew their food before eating and toss their prey around until it is in a convenient position for eating.


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The Ultimate Sea Lions vs. Thresher Sharks Video