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The Ultimate Outdoor Knife: 5 New Spyderco Knives at SIA

All Images by Mateja Lane

Spyderco knives has some new knives for 2015-2016 showcased at the SIA trade show that will make hunters and anglers very happy. 

Spyderco revolutionized the folding knife 35 years ago and their products keep getting better. Some of their knives are made for specific uses in the outdoors but the majority of their products "are equally at home in the hands of an accountant, an outdoorsman, or a U. S. Navy Seal."

Here are some new knives from Spyderco.

1. Moran

The Moran knife is named after the infamous late knife-maker, Bill Moran. The Moran fixed blade is VG-10 stainless steel for multiple outdoor use, including skinning game in the field. Both models of the Moran knife come with a custom-molded Boltaron sheath.

FullSizeRender (17)

2. Dog Tag Folder

The Dog Tag Folder knife is named because when folded, it looks like a military dog tag. This is a small, everyday carry bug bag knife. With colorful titanium handle and sheepfoot blade makes this a nice, lightweight pocket knife.

FullSizeRender (18)

3. Para Military 

This is one of Spyderco's most popular knives; everyone loves camo. The Para Military has a CPM S3OV blade and a compression lock that you are able to open and close with one hand without putting your fingers on the blade. The ergonomic, textured handle makes gripping the knife comfortable and secure.

This is a heavy-duty knife.

FullSizeRender (19)

4. Tusk 

This is the ultimate mariner's knife. The blade is rust-resistant and the titanium handle make this a manageable knife. The rounded stainless steel marlinspike folds out of the bottom of the knife and can be used to untie difficult knots.



5. Delica 4

The Delica has a high-tech titanium handle and is a beautiful knife with its pattern on the Damascus-clad blade. This is the knife I want.


Spyderco knives makes quality knives and if you are a hunter or an angler, these should be the knives you try for 2015-2016.

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The Ultimate Outdoor Knife: 5 New Spyderco Knives at SIA