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The Ultimate Goliath Grouper Compilation [VIDEO]


For those who enjoy goliath grouper fever - including those of us who have never even fished for the behemoths - here's something for you.

I can't think of a fish that has grabbed the imaginations of more anglers in recent years than goliath groupers. Even those of us who live far away from the seas they inhabit are impressed and thrilled at the sight of fishermen catching these rod-breaking monsters.

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They are a sight to behold, calling to mind what a smallmouth bass might look like from the Land of the Giants. I know catching one of the finned SUVs is on my bucket list, and I'll bet it's on a lot of other anglers' lists too.

Dig this compilation of huge goliath groupers swallowing 10-15 pound baitfish and giving anglers the fight of a lifetime.

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The Ultimate Goliath Grouper Compilation [VIDEO]