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The Ultimate Fishing Rod Bending Compilation [VIDEO]

What’s more exciting in fishing than fighting a REALLY BIG fish that doubles your fishing rod over to the point of breaking? 

Nothing, that’s what. Actually catching a rod-bending monster is pretty darn exciting, no doubt about it. But I’d argue that the anticipation and thrill of catching or possibly losing a giant is the more adrenaline pumping experience than even catching the fish.

Now here’s some film that takes that thrill ride and puts it on steroids. Check out this compilation of truly gargantuan fish, bending pool-cue-thick rods and threatening to pull anglers overboard. This is real Man vs. Beast stuff.

Hooking and playing a fish that’s big enough to make the tip and butt of your fishing rod touch is like a Hail Mary in football or an at-the-wire finish of a horse race.

You’re so excited that for those moments before the ball is caught or dropped, the horse’s nose touches the finish line, or you have that big fish in the boat, nothing else matters and the world around you disappears.

It’s a rush, for sure.


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The Ultimate Fishing Rod Bending Compilation [VIDEO]