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The Ultimate California Cast and Blast Starts and Ends at Camanche

The Camanche area offers a hunting, shooting and fishing mecca that has been a well guarded secret. 

How would you like to fish for nine different species, hunt for five different species and shoot five different shotgun disciplines all in one trip?

This California cast and blast adventure can be easily accomplished during a six-month long season in the beautiful and rural area of Northern California.

Camache Area has it all

Just a one hour drive from the Sacramento International Airport, the Camache Area also offers a fantastic opportunity for a California cast and blast trip. The nucleus for such an adventure is the Camanche Lakes Recreational Area.

The Camanche Lakes are divided into two sections known as the North Shore and South Shore. Each year between October and June the lakes are stocked with over 60,000 pounds of trout weighing from one to eight pounds each.



A unique Florida-strain bass is also stocked in abundance each year. Opportunities exist to catch large and smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, spotted bass, catfish, Kokanee, crappie, bluegill and sunfish. Shoreline access is available on both shores and have proven to be a productive way to fish. A fishing access permit is required as is a fishing license.

The license and permit can be purchased at either Marina. Cottages, motel rooms and camping are available lakeside. Lake information can be found at the Camanche Recreational Area website.

Shoot to your heart’s content

Within sight of the Camanche Lake area is the Camanche Hills Hunting Preserve (CHHP). The California cast and blast adventure continues at this 1,500-acre facility in the Sierra Foothills. Shooting sports include three sporting clays courses, a grouse bunker, two five-stand courses, trap, skeet and FITASC.

The well equipped pro-shop at the CHHP clubhouse offers ammunition and a variety of shooting supplies for sale.


Professional shotgun shooting instruction and gun-fitting is available from the on-site professionals including Dale Tate. You can learn to shoot a shotgun, have your shotgun professionally fitted or learn to shoot a particular shotgun shooting discipline.

Throughout the year there are also shooting competitions that you may enter including the State Championship and Zone Championship for sporting clays.

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Birds aplenty

The CHHP property also offers unsurpassed bird and waterfowl hunting. Opportunities for pheasant, California valley quail, chukar partridge, mallard ducks and geese are offered. Guides are available to help facilitate your hunt which includes hunting over professionally trained bird dogs.



You can even combine hunting and shooting instruction with a supervised hunt. This is where an instructor will help you deal with each shot presented and debrief you after each shot so you improve as you go.

At the end of all hunts, birds are cleaned and vacuum packed for you to take home. The bird season runs from October through March and coincides with much of the best fishing times.

The ultimate California cast and blast adventure is waiting for you in the Camanche Lakes area.

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The Ultimate California Cast and Blast Starts and Ends at Camanche