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UK’s ‘Rodfather’ Busted for Illegal Fishing


Professional fisherman Myles “Rodfather” Gibson was recently fined for illegal fishing.

United Kingdom’s professional fisherman Myles Gibson, dubbed the “Rodfather,” was recently found guilty of illegal fishing after a photo (shown above) was found of him fishing a private pond without permission.

The photo, which was posted to the Angling Times, showed him holding a 51-pound carp at Tatton Park in Cheshire. The problem is that the park can only be fished at certain times of the year and only after purchasing a special license.

An officer of the Environmental Agency saw the photo and, recognizing the fish and area, contacted rangers at Tatton Park.

Gibson told police in a voluntary interview that he had jumped several fences of farms around the park very early the morning of the incident to gain access to the water. He then caught the 30-year-old carp, known to patrons of the park as “Jim’s Carp,” before taking the photo.

Although the fish was returned to the water shortly after being caught, authorities have been cracking down on illegal fishing at the pond. The pond itself is of special scientific interest for research into the park’s ecosystem.

The Rodfather was ordered to pay £240 ($373.44) in fines for illegal fishing and court costs of £620 ($964.72) after a trial at Macclesfield Magistrates Court.


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UK’s ‘Rodfather’ Busted for Illegal Fishing