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UK Anglers Caught 2 of the Biggest Cod Ever Near Norway


In two days in March, two friends from the United Kingdom caught two the biggest cod quite literally ever.

Paul Stevens caught an 83-pound monster in the North Sea off Norway.


The next day Stevens, who is the head guide for Sports Quest Holidays took his friend, Bert Williams out off Soroya, Norway.

That’s when Williams hauled in a 93-pound fish (seen in the lead photo). The fish is the biggest cod ever caught by a British angler. It’s also just 10-pounds shy of the world record.

“I’ve never felt anything like it before,” says Williams. “As soon as it caught my bait it pulled 20 meters of line from my reel, the only time that’s happened before is when I got snagged on a boat propeller. When I’d recovered I saw there was so much air coming up out of the water I thought it was some kind of whale, it was just so big.

“When it finally surfaced the guide shouted, ‘Jesus there is no way that is a cod!’ and it took two men to get in in the boat.” It took Williams about 20 minutes to reel in the 5-foot-long fish.

The anglers couldn’t keep Williams’ biggest cod alive after the fight. Plans are in the works to mount the cod and place it in the Norfolk office of Sports Quest Holidays, which arranged the trip.

Stevens thinks a new world record cod in the North Sea soon. A ban on catching capelin, the main food source for the cod, has the fish “gorging” on food.



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UK Anglers Caught 2 of the Biggest Cod Ever Near Norway