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Potential World-Record Golden Mahseer, Largest in Carp Family, Caught in India

And you thought the carp in the US were big…

The International Game Fish Association recently announced that Belgian angler Frank Van de Wyer caught a pending world-record golden mahseer – the largest species in the carp family – while fishing in India last October.

Van de Wyer caught and released the 44-pound golden mahseer in the Sayru River in north-central India with the help of local guide Misty Dhillon.

golden-mahseer (1)
Van de Wyer and local guide Misty Dhillon posing with the pending world-record golden mahseer. Image via IGFA

As it stands now, Van de Wyer’s monster catch is 27 pounds bigger than the current world-record golden mahseer, which was caught in India’s Ramganga River in 2008.

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Golden mahseer are the largest species of the carp family. They can grow up to 9 feet in length and weigh up to 119 pounds.

Found throughout southern Asia and the Indian peninsula, Golden mahseers have long been popular gamefish. They fight hard when hooked, and they are remarkably fast for a fish of their size. As you can see in the picture above, these suckers can grow to be pretty dang big. Van de Wyer reportedly spent an hour and a half battling his pending world-record catch.

Although, their popularity as a game fish has also contributed to their gradual decline. They considered a threatened species due to overfishing and habitat loss. After documenting his catch, Van de Wyer safely released the golden mahseer back into the water.

This is certainly an impressive catch by a highly skilled angler.

What’s the largest carp you’ve caught?

Featured image via IGFA

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Potential World-Record Golden Mahseer, Largest in Carp Family, Caught in India