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The UEV-490 Is the Mobile Fort You Always Wanted [VIDEO]

Are you ready to escape the city and never return? Conqueror Australia’s UEV-490 can help.

The UEV-490 is a trailer camper for adventurers who want to retain some creature comforts while tromping over Earth’s most rugged terrain. This compact trailer contains a bedroom, a flat-screen TV, a shower and bathroom, a full kitchen, fold out tents, and lots more.

Sure, it’s luxurious, but it’s rugged as hell, too. The UEV-490 has a suspension system that can handle nearly any type of surface or incline. And, it’s has a durable frame that can withstand beatings from nasty weather and rugged conditions. See the UEV-490 in action in the video below.

Check out these adventure vehicles:

The UEV-490 is loaded with cool features that are accessible from the interior and exterior.








So how much does this mobile fort for grown ups cost? $58,000. It’s expensive, but that’s the price of being able to take an easy-to-setup home with you anywhere in the world.

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The UEV-490 Is the Mobile Fort You Always Wanted [VIDEO]