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Typical Mule Deer is Likely New Pope and Young World Record

Pope and Young

Here it is folks; the new Pope and Young world record typical mule deer. 

Long-time Arizona bowhunter, John McClendon, had observed this monster mule deer on several occasions well before the day when he finally took the now famous 25-yard shot near a watering hole close to the buck’s home range. McClendon patiently waited the buck out, knowing it had to come to water and leave its core area, which so happened to be in extremely thick cover. He knew it was a big deer, but a possible new Pope and Young world record? Well, that’s the stuff dreams are made of!

After the initial scoring, the McClendon mule deer came in at 207 5/8s, which beat out the old record held by George Harms since 2009, at score of 205 0/8s.

According to this press release issued by Pope and Young recognizing this amazing mule deer, the McClendon deer is registered in the current scoring class which ends Dec. 31, 2014.

Unless something changes during the panel judging, a session where an elected group of exceptional scorers will measure the rack to ensure accuracy, it will be the new record.

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Typical Mule Deer is Likely New Pope and Young World Record