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Two Women Survive Five Days Lost in California Wilderness [VIDEO]


Two women survive being lost for five days after getting turned around in California wilderness. 

Two women are lucky to be alive after getting lost in the California wilderness for five days.

Laura Sherman, 57, and Denise Diaz, 56, stopped at the Emigrant Wilderness area to look for a lake they had read about during their road trip to Coyote Springs.

They left their things behind, wearing only bathing suits and t-shirts with a backpack containing two bottles of water, some granola, and a towel.

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After hiking several hours until sunset they realized they were lost and had to stay the night in the woods. Their luck did not change over the next few days as they stumbled through thorny underbrush unable to find the trail that had followed in.

After two days they had exhausted their food and water supply. Fearing they would die from dehydration, the two women drank their own urine in an attempt to survive.

"Our bodies were definitely distressed," said Diaz. "We drank our urine. Of course, drinking urine is no fun and gross. I figured it was some liquid, but it was not quenching out thirst."

The next day they found a small creek that held them over the next few days, along with some berries and grasses.

On their fifth day the women were discovered by two cattle ranchers on horseback who were checking on their herd. The men radioed rescue personnel and the women were airlifted out.

Both Sherman and Diaz realize they made some huge mistakes. They didn't tell anyone where they were going or for how long and didn't pack the proper supplies before heading out.

"I realize we were foolish and we made some huge mistakes that could have cost us our lives," admitted Diaz.

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Two Women Survive Five Days Lost in California Wilderness [VIDEO]