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Two Utah Poaching Cases Under Investigation

Utah Poaching

Two separate Utah poaching cases have lead to the arrest of two juveniles and two adults.

Two juveniles were arrested near Orangeville, Utah, for their involvement in the illegal killing of up to 18 deer over a three week period.

While these two juveniles who are still in high school are the main suspects, several other juveniles are believed to have been involved or to have witnessed the killing of these deer.

Bucks, does, and fawns were shot and all were left to waste. Because of the number of deer, they could be facing felony charges.

In Tooele County, Utah, police responded to calls of shots being fired and a suspicious vehicle. When police stopped two men, they found antlers in the vehicle and believed the men to have killed a deer.

While investigating further, officers linked these men to another poaching incident in July where antlers were found in a vehicle.

They were charged with wanton destruction of wildlife and aiding and assisting in the wanton destruction of protected wildlife.  They were also charged with drug, alcohol, trespassing and weapons-related violations.

According to Division of Wildlife Resources Capt. Mitch Lane, these two men and two others are likely responsible for the poaching of six other deer over the past several months.

Captain Lane noted that it is unusual to have two Utah poaching cases at the same time.


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Two Utah Poaching Cases Under Investigation