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Two Record Muskie Caught Days Apart

Two muskie caught earlier this month in different sections of the St. Lawrence River in New York by separate anglers only two days apart are both vying for a world record.

The International Game and Fish Association is considering which of the two fish will take the All-Length Tackle record for muskie.

The first catch was on December 2 near Clayton, New York by angler Matt Forjohn of Amber Pennsylvania. His muskie measured in at 130 cm, and took a mere six minutes to reel in.


“That was the third muskie I’ve ever caught,” said Forjohn, “I couldn’t believe it when they told me this one might be a world record.”

Surprisingly, the second contender was caught two days later by the IGFA’s current All-Tackle Length record holder, Mark Carlson.

Carlson, an avid muskie fishermen from Rockford, Illinois, caught a 132 cm-long muskie while trolling a different section of the St. Lawrence River. His catch took grueling 16-minutes to reel in and measured 132 cm.


Both fishermen caught the fish by trolling. Forjohn and Carlson have have submitted their world record cases to the IGFA, and are currently pending an official ruling.

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Angler photo credits: IGFA.

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Two Record Muskie Caught Days Apart