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Two Men in China Arrested After Bragging About Poaching Python on Social Media

Photos of men cooking protected python attract attention of authorities. 

Two poachers in China are in hot water after bragging about poaching a python on social media.

Social media is being used more and more often in cases against criminals by law enforcement worldwide and more than a few poachers have been caught as a result. The two brothers, identified only by the surname Guan, allegedly captured and cooked the python in the southwestern part of China, in the Guangxi province.

The incident happened during the Qingming festival earlier this month. The festival is a traditional day on the Chinese calendar also known as Tomb-Sweeping day in which people honor their ancestors by cleaning graves of ancestors.


The two brothers were apparently tomb-sweeping when they encountered the 9-foot, 33-pound python People’s Daily Online reports.

It’s unclear if the brothers knew it or not, but pythons are under state protections in that part of Guangxi province. The two decided to take the python home and cook it. And they might have gotten away with poaching, had they not posted photos of the process of cooking the python to the internet.


The photos of them preparing the snake quickly caught the attention of authorities who promptly arrested them for poaching an endangered animal.

It isn’t the first time wildlife officials have used social media against poachers. Two over-the-limit fisherman were busted in Texas back in February after they bragged about their catch on Facebook. There have also been recent cases of deer poachers in Louisiana and Texas who were busted after bragging about their illegal kills online.

Images via People’s Daily Online.


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Two Men in China Arrested After Bragging About Poaching Python on Social Media