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Two Massive Sharks Caught from Australian Beach

Images via Grind TV

Seeing these massive sharks will make you really never want to swim in the ocean again. 

Two sharks have been circulating the Internet lately, but what makes these ‘mega sharks’ so unique is that they were caught during a 10-day period standing directly off of a popular Australian beach.

The two anglers responsible for beaching this massive sharks caught over 30 sharks total. Every single one of them was released successfully.

In the first picture that you may have seen, a giant tiger shark fills the entire scene. Joshua Butterworth and Jethro Bonnichta of Esperance, Australia are the men behind these huge fish. The tiger, estimated to be over 13.5 feet long and weighing over 800 pounds is a shark to be reckoned with.


The other shark, an equally massive hammerhead, is also estimated to be in the same general length and enormous weight. As told in this article, Bonnichta spend 40 minutes battling the fish. It stripped out 2,600 feet of line three times before finally coming to shore. After the battle, he collapsed alongside it.


What really tops this whole story off is what happened when these men were not fishing. They camped on the beach during the night and swam in the very waters where they were shark fishing as well.

“We were fishing straight out of our camp and we were swimming where we went fishing every day,” Butterworth said in another interview.

Yeah, that’s a little more than I could handle.


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Two Massive Sharks Caught from Australian Beach