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Two Major Waterfowl Companies are Merging into One


Branded announces the final acquisition of Avery Outdoors to create one powerhouse company for waterfowl hunters everywhere.

Branded Holdings Inc. announced Wednesday that is had completed its final acquisition of Avery Outdoors Inc. for an undisclosed amount of money.

Avery Outdoors Inc. has been a long standing competitor for the last 21 years in the waterfowl hunting market. They are widely known for their Greenhead Gear waterfowl decoys and Sporting Dog training equipment. Avery is a name that many passionate waterfowl hunters have come to know and love.

Branded Holding Inc. are well known for their tough waterfowl hunting apparel and other gear. They are most famous for their RedZone breathable waders and their Arc Welded series gear.

They also produce two very popular shows, “Benelli’s The Fowl Life with Chad Belding,” and “Dead Dog Walkin'” for the Outdoor and Sportsman’s Channels.

“This new venture represents the coming together of two of the most talented and experienced staffs in the industry to offer the best in innovative waterfowl hunting and outdoor gear,” said Chuck Browing, the CEO of Branded.

While Avery will retain one office in Tennessee, their new main base of operations will be in Banded’s northwest Arkansas headquarters.

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Two Major Waterfowl Companies are Merging into One