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Two Louisiana Men Cited for Stealing Alligator Eggs

alligator eggs

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries cited two men for unlawfully taking over 500 alligator eggs. 

Wildlife officials recently cited two men for raiding nests in search of alligator eggs without the proper permits.

Officials stopped Paul Canik, 47, and Christopher Trahan, 24, on July 16, as they drove an airboat and an aluminum flatboat out of a marsh. They were in possession of 523 alligator eggs.

The Department released a report stating Canik argued he and Trahan took the eggs from permitted areas. Upon investigation, the agents found the nest sites where they had removed the eggs. They were not located in one of their allowed areas.

On July 21, agents cited both Canik and Trahan. They also seized all the stolen eggs, an 18-foot aluminum boat, and a 14-foot airboat.

The eggs were sold at market for a total of $10,460.

First offenses for taking alligator eggs without a permit can include up to 120 days in jail and a $400-$900 fine.

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Two Louisiana Men Cited for Stealing Alligator Eggs