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Young Bucks Beg for Potato Chips [VIDEO]

This video is proof that deer love potato chips, but that doesn’t mean they should eat them.

The young bucks in the video below can’t seem to get enough of the salty snack. We don’t condone feeding deer chips. If anything, let this be an example of what not to do with wild deer.

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Sure, it seems kind of cute funny, but feeding wild deer has negative consequences. For one, deer have complex digestive systems. Foods that deer aren’t used to eating can make them sick and die. Also, supplemental feeding encourages deer to congregate in populated and developed areas where they don’t belong.

And most important of all, wild deer are exactly that – wild. Does, bucks and fawns can be dangerous and unpredictable when confronted by humans at close range.


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Young Bucks Beg for Potato Chips [VIDEO]