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If You Think You Can Pick a Fight with a Deer and Win, You’re Wrong [VIDEO]

Whatever you do, do not start a boxing match, karate duel or any hand-to-hand combat with a deer. It will not end well.

Deer are surprisingly good at fighting on two legs. When they don’t have antlers, they often fight on their hind legs and duel with their sharp hooves. The yahoos in these two GIFs found that out the hard way.

The cowboy in this first GIF is a rare breed of stupid. We’re not sure why he jumped in the pen to pick a fight with a deer. He lasts about 7 seconds.

That had to hurt.

And then there’s this guy who appears to be taunting a deer. Bad idea. Bambi puts a whoopin’ on the big boy.

Deer usually put these fighting skills to use against each other in fights for dominance in the herd. Here’s a rare video filmed in Grand Rapids, South Dakota of two deer fighting on their hind legs.

South Dakota News station KELO-TV reported the video last year. Here’s what one state wildlife official told them about the clip.

“What they’re trying to do is establish dominance or hierarchy in the herd. Things have changed over the winter time. Some animals that were dominant might have died, might have gotten hit by a car or shot in the hunt and so they need to be replaced, so the animals are working toward getting those things settled again,” Game, Fish and Parks Wildlife Biologist Julie DeJong said.

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If You Think You Can Pick a Fight with a Deer and Win, You’re Wrong [VIDEO]