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Two 10-Foot Sharks Caught On the Same Rig [PICS]

 A 10-foot Dusky and Hammerhead shark were caught simultaneously on the same rig.

Here’s one you don’t see everyday. Just recently on a vessel out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Tim Kennedy set out a line for a shark while offshore, but in short time he was astonished at what came up on the other end.

Fishing Headquarters/Facebook



Fishing Headquarters reported this anomalous catch via Facebook recently, where angler Tim Kennedy caught about twenty feet of shark on one rig. It wasn’t one behemoth, but in fact two different species, each stout in their own right.

One hammerhead and one dusky shark, both in the 10-foot range, had attached themselves to the rig. It appears that one shark ate the bait initially and upon swallowing the rig, it passed through its gill slits, allowing another hungry shark to get attached to the hook and bait dangling from shark #1.

Pretty astonishing accomplishment, and in all of my years on the water I have never heard of two large game fish being caught on the same rig. You hear things like this about bass and trout, but to get 20 feet of sharks on one hook at the same time is incredible.

Our hat is tipped to you, Mr. Kennedy.

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Two 10-Foot Sharks Caught On the Same Rig [PICS]