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Turn Your ATV into a Mobile Hunting Camp in Under 1 Minute

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When it's time to setup hunting camp, just put your ATV in park and climb upstairs. Yes, it's that easy.

Have you ever wished that you could roll out of bed at hunting camp and be at your hunting spot within a minute? Thanks to the team at TentCommander, it's now very possible.

Check out this awesome ATV accessory that can be setup in less than one minute right on top of your ATV!

Who would have thought that spending the night in your hunting blind would be so cozy?

Whether your hunting camp is on top of an ATV or is a remote cabin in the middle of the woods, keeping your electronics fully charged is critical for your safety as well as for recording your upcoming hunt. Sometimes backup batteries will suffice, though cold winter weather will end up draining the life out of those, too.

To combat the challenge of not having a power source, check out the Venture 30 Recharger from Goal Zero. Small enough to fit in your hunting pack and strong enough to recharge a tablet or radio, this waterproof solar powered device is perfect to keep with you in the backcountry in case of an emergency.

goal zero, venture 30, solar powered
Goal Zero

In the event that you're camp requires even more power, Goal Zero has you covered with an extensive line of larger solar-powered chargers!


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Turn Your ATV into a Mobile Hunting Camp in Under 1 Minute